The birth of an art

Stéphane Cerutti was born in October 1984 in Nice, Capital of the Côte d’Azur. A period of the year in which the warmth of autumn, similar to an Indian summer, offers a superb colour palette on the Bay of Angels. Raised in an artistic environment, his father has been a jeweller-designer since 1981 and his mother, a painter.

Stéphane has been working in the workshop-boutique since the age of 18, where he is passionate about shaping precious metals.For 16 years, he has worked in the family jewellery boutique located in Villefranche-sur-Mer, a city bordering Nice. It’s beautiful harbour-like setting was a source of inspiration to create this line of jewellery, which he called “C-Twyti”.

créateur de le marque de bijou twyti

Stéphane Cerutti


Since the beginning, his passion for research and knowledge of stones has never left him. In direct contact with the producing countries, he likes to discover the treasures that nature offers us, but also: to explore, to seek in the mountains and in the mines. Each discovery is unique, inspiring, conducive to the making of a piece of jewellery.


You will discover his rings, which have the possibility of alternating interchangeable designs, varying to infinite combinations. Over time, new patterns will be created whether in white gold, yellow gold, or 750 °°° (18K) pink gold. The manufacture is 100% French, in order to perpetuate the tradition. Stéphane’s main quests are Creativity, Precision and Pleasure.


He actively participates in gemological competitions in the PACA region.

He is dedicated to the transmission of the savoir-faire of this artistic profession.

Since 2017, the Board of Education has mandated him to be part of the Nice jury examinations for students studying Jewellery in the BMA program (diploma of artistic professions).

This young designer will surprise you with his great sense of detail and refinement.

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